Bloodsport Judgement Arrows 350 2 In. Vanes 6 Pk.
Made for hunters seeking a lightweight, fast, and tough hunting arrow. Standard diameter arrow is built with Rugged Wrap construction process. Straightness tolerance of +-.001. Available in sizes 350 (7.9 GPI) and 400 (7.4 GPI). Includes nocks and inserts. Factory...
Victory Vap Gamer Arrows 350 Blazer Vanes 6 Pk.
The Victory Armour Piercing line of arrow shafts is an ultra-small diameter, thick walled arrow designed for accuracy and increased penetration. Features high quality carbon composite construction and Victory’s ICE coating for a smooth polished finished. Straightness tolerance of +-...
Carbon Express Maxima Xrz Arrows 350 2 In. Vanes 6 Pk.
An ultimate light-weight hunting arrow featuring Carbon Express backbone technology which integrates thin strands of Kevlar into the weave for added strength and impeccable 360 degree consistent spine. Paired with famous Red Zone Technology and you have a deadly recipe...
Bloodsport Hunter Extreme Arrows 350 2 In. Vanes 6 Pk.
The Hunter Extreme delivers precise hits from a .244 standard diameter with all carbon Rugged Wrap construction. Straightness .006”. Available in 350 (8.9 gpi.), 400 (8.4 gpi) and 500 (7.5 gpi.). Includes 12 grain aluminum inserts and nocks.Features:Standard diameterRugged Wrap...
Bloodsport Prosecutor Arrows 350 2 In. Vanes 6 Pk.
The Bloodsport Prosecutor is a reduced diameter arrow featuring Rugged Wrap construction, ROC insert system and Blood Ring technology. Straightness .004" 350 spine 7.9GPI, 400 spine 7.1 GPI.Features:Reduced diameterRugged Wrap constructionBlood Ring technology
Carbon Express D-stroyer Mx Hunter Arrows 350 2 In. Vanes 6 Pk.
D-Stroyer MX Hunter is one arrow, two spines for the twice the accuracy, durability, and strength.Features:Size: 350Straightness: +/-.002"Weight Tolerance: +/-1 grainLength: 31.5"GPI: 8.9
Carbon Express Maxima Triad Arrows 350 2 In. Vanes 6 Pk.
Maxima Triad is a Tri-Spine XSD (extra small diameter) .166 hunting arrow with performance at it's core. Featuring the exclusive REDZONE Technology, the 3 spine arrow shaft creates less than 1/3 the oscillation of single spine arrows and 4X the...
Punisher 350 Arrows w/Vanes w/Insert
Punisher 350 Arrows w/Vanes w/Insert Insert: Brass 50 gr.; included Nock:  B nock; included Straightness:   .004" Diameter: Small .244 inside Color: Black Material: Carbon GPI: 7.9 Quantity: 6 Pack Factory fletched with 2" vanes (2 White,1 Red).  Unit of Measure: 6 Pack
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