Carter Evolution 20 Release 3 Finger
The Evolution 20 is the new and improved resistance activated release from Carter Enterprises. This 3 finger release uses one spring and has an adjustable hold weight of 8-40 lbs. To close the jaw, push down on the hasp until...
Trufire Sear Back Tension Release Yellow Small Brass
Back tension release with adjustable fourth finger position can be used as a three finger or four finger. Made with a heavy brass handle for better feel on follow through. Features a four sided sear with variable click options and...
Scott Ascent Micro Release 3 Finger Large
The Ascent has an aggressive design that delivers comfort and confidence at full draw. Micro adjustments to travel and click distance deliver performance custom built for you. Features a dual sear locking design, thumb peg, stainless steel bracket and an...
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