30-06 Paper Tune-it System
Archery paper tuning system that assures proper arrow flight. Gives easy step-by-step archery tuning tips. Lightweight and portable for use anywhere. Includes tuning station and 10 sheets of “how to” tuning paper.Features:Easy-to-use paper tuning systemAssures proper arrow flightLightweight and portableStep-by-step...
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Archery Shooter Draw Pro Stand For Use With Draw Winch
For use with Bow Draw Winch. Allows the bow to pivot up and down to check 3rd axis. Heavy-duty steel construction design. Disassembles for easy storage.Features:Stand for Bow Draw WinchPivots up and down to check 3rd axisDisassembles for easy storage...
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Archery Shooter Draw Winch
Draw winch can be easily mounted on a bench, table, or used with the Bow Draw Pro stand (sold separately). Works with bows up to 90 lbs. draw weight. Great for checking draw length and cam timing.Features:Mounts to bench, table,...
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Archery Shooters Pro Paper Tuning Station
Easy to set up and use free standing tuning station that features lightweight construction. Includes one roll of paper: 18"x75".Features:Easy to set up and useFree standingLightweight construction
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30-06 Paper Tune-it System 20 Pk. Refill
Includes 20 sheets of “how to” tuning paper. Gives easy step-by-step archery tuning tips.Features:Assures proper arrow flightStep-by-step archery tuning stepsFast and easy replacement
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